The Constitution of the New Brunswick Fire Fighters Curling Association


The name of the association shall be “The New Brunswick Fire Fighters Curling Association” hereinafter referred to as the NBFFCA.


  • The aims of the NBFFCA shall be to promote good-will among New Brunswick fire fighters, through the medium of curling.
  • To declare a provincial winner to represent New Brunswick at the Canadian FireFighters Curling Championship.


The NBFFCA shall be affiliated with the Canadian FireFighters Curling Association hereinafter referred to as the CFFCA.


  • Membership shall be open to all Professional Firefighters, in the Municipal employ, or with the Fire Marshal’s Office, with at least one (1) year of service.
  • Membership shall be open to all Volunteer/Industrial Fire Fighters who take part in firefighting, and have attended a minimum of sixty-five percent (65%) of the Department’s fire drills and practices, as of December 31st, one (1) year prior to the New Brunswick Championship in which they entered.
  • All Firefighters and Fire Marshal’s Staff must be registered with WorkSafe NB.
  • All Fire Fighters that form a rink must be from the same Firefighter Association/District (Southeast, Royal, Miramichi, Capital, Acadian Penn., Central Valley, Northwest, Fundy, and Chaleur).
  • Each Volunteer/Industrial Fire Department entering teams in the annual play-downs must submit to the Secretary-Treasurer, annually, their nominal roll showing the dates of joining the department for the entire It must be signed by the Chief/Acting Chief or Personnel Manager/Administrator of the Fire Department.  This is to be in the hands of the Secretary-Treasurer no later than December 31st before the play-downs.
  • Any member with thirteen (13) years of service as a member of a Fire Department is eligible to apply for active membership in the NBFFCA, provided that he or she is a member of the NBFFCA for one (1) year prior to his or her departure/retirement and they apply within one year of their departure/retirement.
  • Participating Industrial Firefighters must be a member in good standing of their regional firefighter association/district.


  • Annual membership dues and rink entry fees are set each year by the Provincial Executive of the NBFFCA.
  • All dues and assessments are to be in the hands of the Secretary-Treasurer, by December 31st of the current year.
  • Assessments may be made at the annual Board of Directors meeting provided that sixty percent (60%) majority has been attained.
  • Any one not having paid his dues and/or assessment by December 31st of the current year shall not be eligible to be a member or to curl in the Provincial or Canadian Championships.
  • All dues and assessments for the CFFCA are set by the Canadian Fire Fighters Association Board of Directors.


  • The executive officers of the NBFFCA shall consist of the following; President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and the Provincial Director.
  • The President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer, are elected for a two (2) year term at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Elections for those positions will be as follows; President to be elected on even numbered years. Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer to be elected on odd numbered years.
  • The executive officers may make regulations from time to time as are consistent with the provisions of the constitution and by-laws and, as to them, may seem necessary and practicable for the proper management and conduct of the affairs of the Association. Such regulations to include the amount of membership and the rink Entry Fee.

(e) All elected officers will take an active role in soliciting a provincial sponsor.

(F)Elected officers will commence their term of office thirty (30) days after the Canadian     Championship.

(g)    All officers may stand for re-election.


  • The Board of Directors of the NBFFCA shall be comprised of the elected Provincial Executive Officers, and one (1) voting delegate from each Fire Department of the Fire Marshal’s Staff, who is a member in good standing of the Provincial Association.
  • They shall be responsible for the administration of the NBFFCA.
  • The Board of Directors shall decide the dates, location, type of play-downs etc., and the total number of entries in any given year, depending on the ice availability, the time, etc.
  • The Provincial Director shall be responsible for all arrangements, and the turning over of all monies obtained from the Provincial Play-Downs, to the Secretary-Treasurer.
  • All monies obtained by the Provincial Play-Downs, and/or any money making projects will be deposited into an account set up for the express use of the NBFFCA.
  • Two signatures shall be required to validate any and all cheques written on the subject account. The signature of the Secretary-Treasurer must be on all cheques.
  • The Four (4) people authorized to sign any and all cheques shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and the Provincial Director.


  • He shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors. He shall see that the business of the Association is carried out in an orderly manner.
  • He shall be a signing officer of NBFFCA and an ex-officio member of all
  • He shall call all Executive and Board of Directors meetings.
  • He shall determine all disputes, and handle all situations, which may arise from matters not covered be these by laws.
  • He shall have the power to investigate the eligibility of any player entering the NBFFCA and upon complaint shall call upon his Executive, who shall act upon the complaint, when it is found that a player has violated a by-law of this Association.
  • He shall see that all arrangements are completed for the New Brunswick Fire Fighters Championships and that a winner is declared before the second week in February, following his election as President.
  • He shall not be allowed to vote except at the Executive meetings in a tie vote on any resolution before the chair.


  • He shall assist the President with his duties or carry out the President’s duties in his absence.
  • He shall be a signing officer of this association.


  • It shall be his duty to attend all meetings, to keep all records and to deposit all monies into the NBFFCA bank account.
  • He shall be a signing officer of the NBFFCA.
  • He must sign all cheques drawn on NBFFCA account.
  • He shall send all active directors a financial statement of the audited financial activities, countersigned by the Trustees, before his term of office has expired or at the annual Board of Directors meeting.
  • He shall assist the President and Vice-President in any manner necessary to enable them to carry out their duties of office.
  • He shall assist the Provincial Director in the preparation and distribution of the New Brunswick and Canadian FireFighters Curling Association bulletins.


  • He shall be the only liaison between the Canadian Firefighters Curling Association Executive and the NBFFCA and the Sponsor of the Canadian FireFighters Curling Championship.
  • He shall be responsible for the distribution of all bulletins, both Provincial and Canadian throughout the Province. In case of extended sickness or other leave, the President will act in his absence.
  • He will advise the Canadian Secretary-Treasurer, prior to the first day of March each year, preceding the Canadian Championship, of his Provincial teams members full names, address, team playing position, and the Fire Department of which they are members.
  • He shall be a signing officer of the NBFFCA.
  • He will be responsible for increasing the membership of the NBFFCA.
  • The office of Provincial Director shall come up for election every three (3) years at the annual Board of Directors meeting. In the event of an incumbent retiring from office or any other extenuating circumstances beyond his control, he should arrange for a suitable  The Board of Directors will make the final decision of the replacement of the Provincial Director by means of a two thirds (2/3) majority vote at the annual meeting.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Provincial Director to forward all CFFCA fees to the Canadian Secretary-Treasurer and report the duly paid up Provincial and Canadian members to the Executive.
  • He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, groups, and appointments made by the Provincial Association.
  • The director shall have the power to turn over to the president, for investigation, the eligibility of any member entering the NBFFCA for review.
  • It shall be the duty of the Provincial Director to oversee all arrangements for the annual NBFFCA Championship, and it is his responsibility to ensure that the host Fire Department carries out their duties.


  • The Provincial Association shall have two (2) Trustees, appointed by the President when needed, and approved by the Executive Board. The Trustees shall not have a vote at the Executive or Board of Directors meetings and shall not be required to attend such meetings except at the request of the President.
  • The Trustees shall be appointed for a two (2) year term on an alternating basis. The Senior Trustee shall be the one serving his second year of the term.


  • Quorum for all Board of Directors meetings shall be two thirds (2/3) of the membership.


(a)Order of Business:

Role call

Reading and approving of minutes

Reports of officers

Reports of committees


Unfinished business

New Business

Good and welfare

Election of officers


In case of dispute Robert’s Rules of Order will govern. 

(b)   The annual Board of Directors meeting shall be held before the completion of the Provincial championships.   Any director or his alternate may attend this meeting.

(c)The Executive Committee will appoint a sergeant at arms prior to the meeting, with the power to refuse admittance or reject anyone who, in his opinion or the opinion of the executive, is too obnoxious or inebriated to remain at the meeting.


  • The NBFFCA shall be governed by the rules of the CFFCA, and the Canadian Curling Association, except where there are conflicting rules, in which case, this constitution shall supersede all sets of rules adopted by the CFFCA.
  • In the Provincial Championships all regular games shall be eight (8) ends and all semi and final games shall be ten (10) ends. In the case of a tie at the end of regular play; complete ends will be played until a winner can be determined.


  • All amendments to this constitution shall be submitted in writing, with reasons for the amendment, to the Secretary-Treasurer no later than November 1st. Amendments may be submitted by members in good standing with the NBFFCA only.  The Secretary-Treasurer will then submit the changes to the Board of Directors for their consideration no later than 14 days prior to the AGM.
  • A two/thirds (2/3) majority shall be required before a change to this constitution or by-law becomes effective.
  • The by-laws of this Association shall be based on the provisions of this constitution.
  • No amendments from the floor of the meeting will be accepted.
  • This constitution and set of by-laws shall not be repealed or amended and a new by-law shall not be enacted, except by a two/thirds (2/3) majority of such members of the Board of Directors entitled to vote as are present in person at the annual Board of Directors meeting. Notice of such intended changes must be given in writing by the Secretary-Treasurer to all active members of the Board of Directors, no later than fifteen (15) days prior to the annual meeting aforesaid.


  • If any player becomes ill or injured at the Provincial Championships, One (1) substitute per team will be allowed, and that substitute can play any position designated by the team for that game and continue until the regular player can return. There will be no substitutions after the game has started unless due to injury.
  • Substitutes shall not be participating players in the Championships. Substitutes are to be provided by the Host Department and are to be drawn by lot; unless approved by the Provincial Director as stated in Article 14 sub. G
  • Any participating team using an ineligible player shall be disqualified immediately from further play. All monies paid for the individual and the team registration shall be forfeited.
  • Any Provincial Championship team found to have used an ineligible player will be disqualified, and will forfeit all rights to represent the Province at the Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship. The runner-up team, if qualified, will be declared the Provincial Champions and all trophies and winnings will be awarded to the qualified team.
  • All individual and team entry fees will be forfeited by any team not showing up for the Championships or showing up with less than four (4) members of the team, except under Canadian Curling Association Rules.
  • If any one (1) player cannot attend the Canadian Firefighters Curling Championship the winning team may choose the Provincial Director or any other Firefighter who participated in the NBFFCA Championship to attend the Canadian Firefighter Curling Championship in their absence.
  • Any firefighter who would like to participate in the NBFFCA Championships may apply to the Secretary-Treasurer two (2) weeks prior to the competition for placement on a team/spares list. The Executive shall draw for placement of said player if any Department cannot field a full team.


  • The Provincial Executive shall be required to work from a budget within financial means of the NBFFCA.
  • This Association shall have no borrowing power whatsoever.
  • Any funds raised from auction items during the provincial championships are to be turned over to the NBFFCA. 


What the NBFFCA will provide for the team going to Nationals

(a)   Flights and all travel expenses while at Nationals.

(b)Provincial Jackets c/w name and Provincial crest.

(c)Rooms/accommodations while at Nationals. 1 room per two team members and 1 room for provincial director.(3 rooms total)

(d)Per Diem of $40 per day per player and executive Director.

What the winning team is responsible for at Nationals

Any extra clothing other than what is listed above

Any extra cresting other than what is listed above

Gift exchange prizes – will need 5 gifts for each of the 11 teams plus 3 for the CFFCA executive

Cost of food for their host night supper

The NBFFCA will determine on a yearly basis if there is enough funds to provide the items in Article XVI .  If the funds are not available, then the winning team may be responsible for providing some of these costs.


Each officer shall be responsible for the monies, and properties in his possession, and he shall return to the NBFFCA, all records, property, and money held by him at the expiration of his term of office.  The books and records of the NBFFCA shall be available for inspection by the Executive Officers at the Annual Board of Directors meeting.


  • The annual Executive meeting shall be held before the annual Board of Directors meeting in the host city or town.
  • A quorum shall consist of three (3) Executive members, and the assent of three (3) shall be required to pass a resolution.


  • It shall be the duty of the Host Department, to assist the Executive with all arrangements necessary for the carrying out of the Provincial Play-Downs. A chairman for the Host Department shall be named at the time of the written application being submitted.
  • The Chairman of the Host Department shall be responsible to the Executive that satisfactory arrangements are complete for; (1) suitable and sufficient ice. (2) Referees and scorekeepers on duty at all times. (3) The Banquet and the Board of Directors meeting (4) Transportation, when and where necessary. (5) Suitable and sufficient Motel/Hotel rooms. (6) Sufficient sponsor product where applicable. (7) Appointments of committees to handle the necessary work. (8) Sufficient spares available.
  • The Secretary-Treasurer must receive written applications to host the Provincial Championship prior to or at the Board of Directors meeting for consideration. In the event no applications have been received, the Executive is empowered to make the necessary arrangements for the following year’s Championships.
  • The NBFFCA will provide the host committee a value of up to $20 per member that attends the provincial playdown to be used for suppers during the competition.
  • A hotel room shall be provided for the Provincial director while attending the provincial championships.


  • There shall be no remuneration to any member of Executive Officers.
  • Reimbursements will be for expenses incurred in attending to the business of this Association upon acceptable receipts.


  • To be eligible to compete in the Provincial Championships each participant must hold a current membership card for the NBFFCA and the CFFCA.
  • Membership and Team Entry Fees are to be in the hands of the Secretary-Treasurer by December 31st.
  • The amount of membership and team entry fees are to be set each year by the Provincial Executive.
  • Team members are to be complete at the time of application.
  • All rink personnel wishing to compete in the Provincial Championship must support the methods set in raising funds as decided upon by the Provincial Executive.
  • All games played in the Provincial Championship shall be governed by the rules of the CFFCA and the Canadian Curling Association, except where there are conflicting rules; in which case this constitution shall supersede all sets of rules.
  • In the case of disputes all committee decisions will be final.
  • The method of declaring the Provincial winner shall be determined by the Provincial Executive.
  • Members who belong to the NBFFCA shall at all times support its sponsor(s) as a condition of good Standing in the NBFFCA.
  • Teams must consist of four (4) members of the same Firefighter Association/District. The executive must approve any team comprised of more than one (1) department.  No Team shall be allowed to enter a composite team if they have sufficient members registered to form a team from their Department.
  • Any member who conducts himself in any manner that is liable to cause embarrassment to the Provincial and/or the Canadian Organizations or to any member of such organization or to the sponsor (s) of such organizations shall be expelled immediately.
  • The NBFFCA name and emblem are the sole property of the NBFFCA and their use must be approved by the executive.

Revised:1981,1985,1991,1998,1999,2004, 2014, 2020

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