New Brunswick Firefighters’ Curling Association

The brotherhood that exists between fellow firefighters is something not seen in any other profession or association.  It takes a special type of person to be willing to risk their life in attempts to save others.  The camaraderie between fire fighters from all sizes of towns, cities, and villages is unbelievable.  The New Brunswick Firefighters’ Curling Association exists to give the opportunity to all provincial firefighters to gather once a year to partake in a weekend of socializing with fellow brother and sister firefighters while competing in the sport known worldwide for its sportsmanship.  The winner of the event is crowned the Provincial Champion and represents the province at the National Championship.  Combining the strategic sport of curling and the brotherhood of firefighters’ results in a unique opportunity for everyone to enjoy the company of their brothers and sisters for a weekend.


For more information in regards to the association, please contact us at this link.


A Member of the Canadian Firefighters Curling Association

Canadian Association

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